Schools can sign up to one, two or all three of our Schools into Industry programmes: PrintIT! Print, Paper & Packaging, MakeIT! Wood & Timber and MakeIT! Furniture, Furnishings & Interiors. All programmes come with the free learning materials mapped to GCSEs and A-Levels and the chance to win prizes for both the students and school.

Over 10 years success in schools!

Don’t take our word for it! The free programmes enable young people to discover careers they had never thought possible. Take a look  what the students, teachers and sponsors are saying about the programmes.

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What the students are saying

This whole experience has opened my eyes to the print and paper industries as I would not have viewed them as a career choice until today!
Ellie Webster, 2014 PrintIT! Overall Winner
I enjoyed the MakeIT! programme because I was able to use my creativity to design a product and explore the different sustainable materials I could use. The programme opened my mind up to the possibilities available in the wood and furniture industries.
Ruby Pierce, (MakeIT!) Wheatley Park School
I have enjoyed having the freedom to design within the PrintIT! design brief because it has given me an idea of what it is like in the industry.
Sally Jardine, (PrintIT!) Collingwood College
I felt proud of the work I had done to make my final design. The end product was very close to the image that I visualised at the start of the project.
Ashna Biju, (MakeIT!) Newstead Wood
I have most enjoyed PrintIT! due to being able to design my final product and learning about the different types of printing – I found this interesting because I didn’t know there were so many different types and why they are used to achieve different quality and products.
Eleanor Atkins, (PrintIT!) Broadland High School
What I most enjoyed about the MakeIT! project was seeing the final product. It was nice to see something that I had created for myself.
Aamena Hussain, (MakeIT!) Newstead Wood
Out of the whole programme, I enjoyed designing my final product the most because it was great to see my rough sketches develop into finished piece.
Kyla Jack Anderson, (PrintIT!) Arthur Mellows Village College
I have found it interesting learning about the different aspects of the print industry as I had hardly any knowledge about it before this project.
Tianna Pepe, (PrintIT!) Crispin School
I enjoyed being able to have an insight into what Fairtrade is about and gaining an understanding of how the key ideas of Fairtrade are portrayed using colours and graphics. Also, being able to consider how I would have my design printed by researching and looking up nearby companies and printing presses was really interesting to learn.
Roopali Hothi, (PrintIT!) Burnham Grammar School
I most enjoyed participating in PrintIT! with my school because we got the opportunity to visit to Balreed and see the printers the printing industry use.
Jamie Lewis Wright, (PrintIT!) Cornwallis Academy
I enjoyed developing my design ideas for MakeIT! based on design criteria. I also enjoyed making parts of my final design on solid works utilising CAD/CAM!
Josh Curtis, (MakeIT!) Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School
I really enjoyed the whole PrintIT! project. Learning about the life cycle of paper and understanding the environmental impacts of it was fun. It also was great seeing all the different outcomes that me and my classmates had come up with.
Amber Moyse, (PrintIT!) Bodmin College
The best part of MakeIT! was the manufacturing and the designing side as I had to think around problems and solve them in order to complete my product.
Flynn Ballantine, (MakeIT!) Chatham and Clarendon Grammar School
I have enjoyed making and designing my printed product of a chocolate wrapper. I have also enjoyed learning about the Print industry.. finding out about the life cycle of paper and how it can be re-used around 5 times was really interesting.
Megan Thomas, (PrintIT!) Bodmin College
I really enjoyed building my final product- a chair, and the rewarding feeling I got from seeing my chair develop.
Lucy Southgate, (MakeIT!) The Henry Box School

What the teachers are saying

I loved the PrintIT! programme because not only did it map to the curriculum but it was a way of showing off the talents of my students while exposing them to different careers.
Daemi Rashidi, Winner of the PrintIT! Teacher of the Year Award 2014
This competition has generated a lot of excitement and interest around the design and technology department (both kids and staff) and has been a brilliant incentive for our students to want to succeed.
Nick O’Callaghan, Teacher of Joshua Sims - Overall Winner, 2013 MakeIT!
I registered for this year’s PrintIT! programme because I have taken part for several years now and wanted to give the Graphics pupils an insight into the print industry!
Gordon Diffey, 2014/15 registered teacher at Springwood High School

What the sponsors are saying

Being sponsors of PrintIT! is a great initiative we are very happy to support. We have opened our doors to local students a free school visit and it’s been exciting to get their feedback on what they have seen at Balreed and whether they think digital print could be a career for them to consider.
Gary Downey, Group Marketing Director at Balreed
The MakeIT! Awards provide young people to express their talents and skills alongside the industry. This connection between education and industry is key to help young people carve out a career pathway. This is why we support and host the MakeIT Awards.
Chris Hyde, City of Oxford College
Canon understand the value that the PrintIT! initiative delivers by encouraging young people to consider a future career in the print industry. The programme motivates those that take part and encourages their individual creativity around print, whilst supporting the future of the industry with the next generation of printers.
Andrew Harris, European & UK Marketing Manager at Canon
MakeIT! Wood represents an opportunity for talented apprentices to show their progression in the development of their skills. SCM Group, the world leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery and systems, are proud to be directly involved and co-sponsor the event, enthusiastically supporting at all times the knowledge development in our industry. We thank Proskills for organising the Event and driving its success.
Gabriele De Col, Managing Director at SCM Group
We are pleased to be able to support Proskills in encouraging young people to consider apprenticeships in the print industry. It is important we make sure that apprenticeships are not only more widely available to employers but we also need to make sure that they are attractive to young people. The PrintIT! Programme helps to do just that.
Carolyn Savage, Head of Consumer Service Partnership at the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS)
The BWF’s Wow I Made That! careers campaign, is excited to support this great initiative to get school kids involved with working with wood. It is only by supporting excellent programmes like this that we can get best new blood into the vibrant, exhilarating and growing timber industry.
Dave Campbell, Marketing & Training Manager at British Woodworking Federation (BWF)
We have always been big admirers of the PrintIT! initiative and the way it helps attract some of the best young talent to our industry. We’re really pleased to have PrintIT! and Proskills in attendance at The Print Show as their idea of building for a positive future in print fits in perfectly with our own tagline of ‘Blueprint for the Future’.
Chris Davies, Event Director of the Print Show 2015
The creativity and standard of some of the projects was a pleasure to judge last year and  MakeIT! is a great way of youngsters to develop skills whilst learning about the woodworking sector.
Martin James, Director of Didac
As one of the leading training providers in Print training, Leicester College are proud to support PrintIT because they are fantastic initiative helping to increase the awareness of Print within the next generation of the industry. The mixture of fun and vocational training is a great introduction to show people how their imagination and flare can be manufactured and produced.
Chris Spooner, Business Development Manager at Leicester College
Both Taopix and TranseoMedia are delighted to be participating in raising awareness for the PrintIT! Schools programme. I’m sure all of our customers, whether they are working within the print industry, or in industries whom rely on print for fulfilment such as photo retail, ecommerce and marketing can see the benefits of raising awareness for the print industry amongst a new generation.
Zoe Hartill, Marketing Director for Taopix
The Proskills MakeIT! awards should be championed as a highly valuable vehicle to introduce school children to the Furniture Industry.  It fills an important gap that the school curriculum currently does not cover and the initiatives impact is immense.
Jackie Bazeley, Managing Director of British Furniture Manufacturers Ltd (BFM)
Vpress are delighted to be part of the PassIT! inititative, which ultimately will help to raise not only funds, but also awareness of the cause, encouraging more young people to take an interest in our industry.
Tim Cox, Managing Director of Vpress

About the programmes

Our Schools into Industry programmes are free, curriculum mapped competitions that have been designed by teachers and industry professionals to teach young people about the exciting world of Design and Manufacturing and the alternative routes to work available to them. The programmes offer students an exciting and hands on approach to learning, with big rewards for high achievements and eye-opening opportunities to visit industry on school trips running throughout the year. 

Free career guides

Each school will receive free career packs providing information for both the teachers and students about the apprenticeships available, where to apply and how to progress in these industries.

School visits 

Each programme offers schools the opportunities to visit industry, either at trade shows or premises.  Sponsored by the companies involved, transport, guided tours and talks are offered to our registered schools!

Free learning resources 

We don’t just give away the curriculum mapped workbooks and scheme of work for free, there are a whole host of resources available including presentations, videos, factsheets and more!

Curriculum mapped workbooks

Through curriculum mapped workbooks and scheme of work you will take your students through the designing of a product from start to finish. The 2015/16 programme is now open and it takes about 4 to 8 weeks to complete. The workbooks contain activities to get students interested in the industry, tasks to show their understanding of processes involved in designing a product. 

PrintIT! Workbook
MakeIT! Wood workbook
MakeIT! furniture workbook

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